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HACCP & SOPs developer

What is it ?

The HACCP is a tool to help processors ensuring the safety of their food products. Therefore, the process steps during the food manufacturing that can lead to a contamination of the products with physical, biological or chemical impurities need to be detected. After that, those critical steps can be monitored and preventive actions to avoid or minimize the risks can be taken.

To be effective, the HACCP must be prepared specifically for each manufacturing process, following the seven basic steps.


When I need it ?

  • Smoking of food as a method of preservation

  • handling raw fish such sushi 

  • Live shellfish tank

  • (ROP) Reduced oxygen packaging process

  • General food factory

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What is HACCP? | Food Safety Risks & Hazards | SafetyCulture

What is HACCP? | Food Safety Risks & Hazards | SafetyCulture

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